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About me

I'm Yasmin. I'm a freelance illustrator and visual designer based in Maastricht (Netherlands). I was born and raised in Italy, where I pretty quickly showed an interest in art. Infact, since I was little, I would try to copy my favourite drawings from these old fairytales books that were given to me. I was inspired by those stories and illustrations so much that today I want to gift the same excitement to children.

I finished my studies in visual design and illustration in 2017 and since then I've started my freelance activity. Working as an entrepreneur I developed a client oriented mindset and time management skills.

What I want to convey with my art is the same mysterious and magical energy that permeated the stories that I would love as a kid, that used to give me such strong emotions; of course with my whimsical touch.

For project inquiries please contact me via:

You can also find me on Instagram

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